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July 21, 2020

Liviu Tudor, President of the European Property Federation and of the Romanian Building Owners' Association and founder of Genesis Property, has launched the IMMUNE Building standard, the first, open-source global certification standard that has been launched with a strategy to engineer safer, pandemic proof, built environments for people and organizations returning to their offices.

Inspired by technologies and procedures successfully applied in hospitals and "clean rooms," it is a set of 100+ recommended measures, technical solutions, and facility management practices, to certify how built environments, at any stage of their life cycle, can withstand present and future health challenges and minimize the impact of a pandemic and a bacteriological or toxicological threat such as COVID-19. IMMUNE™ covers building types such as Offices, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Health Care, and Education.

A property can be awarded one of the three IMMUNE™ labels, Strong - equivalent of 3 stars, Powerful - equivalent of 4 stars or Resilient - equivalent of 5 stars, based on the number of points received during the official assessment. The award demonstrates a building's diligence and commitment to implementing the Healthy by Design® approach while considering best practices to achieve the IMMUNE™ standard.

The project initiated in April 2020, with an R&D investment of €1mn for prototyping and testing to develop the standard. A team of 20 experts from the health, technology, real estate, architectural and engineering sectors were deployed to design the multilateral framework.

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