European Property Federation

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EPF, with its national association and direct-company membership, has been the European forum and policy vehicle for real estate since 1997. Its mission is to:

  • foster a European real estate leadership with a hands-on culture and vision for EU real estate policy, through networking, socialisation, and solidarity among its association and company CEO Board members;

  • foster the development of real estate activities and associative life in new and candidate EU accession countries, putting at their disposal the experience gained from the more established and experienced members;

  • exchange and disseminate property investment and management best practice;

  • facilitate trans-border activities, services and investment;

  • track existing and planned EU regulation, and when warranted, attempt to make draft EU regulation friendly and useful to the real estate industry through its balanced and grounded advocacy efforts;

  • help members, once EU Directives are agreed, in dealing with the Directives' transposition into national law, and in particular help them distinguish true EU requirements from national-added requirements ('gold-plating');

  • attempt to reform and optimise national property markets and planning law using EU law where progress is not possible in the national political context;

  • counter any disproportionate, arbitrary, unfair, ill-conceived, special-interest-led, or abusive EU or national policy initiatives;

  • promote and/or propose EU initiatives supporting the real estate industry;

  • help attain EU real estate energy-efficiency and sustainability targets;

  • build coalitions with other actors of the real estate sector, such as rural landowners, historic houses, owner-occupiers, small landlords, valuers.