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hu flagFederation of Hungarian Real Estate Associations

MIT is a union of Hungarian real estate civil organisations sharing professional values and ideas.

About the Association

The Federation of Hungarian Real Estate Associations was founded on 1 April 2005 in Budapest. It is a union of Hungarian real estate civil organisations sharing professional values and ideas.

What the Association Does

The Association's aim is to increase the profession's prestige in society and to provide it with a unified professional and general representation; and in particular to:

¤ facilitate the creation of an autonomous real estate chamber based on individual membership;
¤ initiate, maintain and develop international relations;
¤ represent the Hungarian real estate trade;
¤ facilitate the exchange of experience and the improvement of knowledge;
¤ improve the quality of real estate education and training and establish the focal points of the set of requirements for real estate studies;
¤ establish regular and good relationships with Hungarian economic actors, representative bodies of related professions, the media, government actors, relevant authorities and other organisations - with special regard to defending the profession and society at large against the activities of the real estate mafia;
¤ analyse Hungarian and foreign real estate trade methodologies; develop joint actions and procedures while retaining the professional autonomy of the individual organisations.

The Association is solely interested in real estate related policy, and it is ready to contribute its know-how to help social and economic progress.


MIT federates Hungarian:

¤ Property ownership,

¤ Investment,

¤ Development and

¤ Professions

The members are:

¤ IFSZK Ingatlanközvetítõk és Forgalmazók Szakmai Kollégiuma

¤ IGE Ingatlangazdálkodók Egyesülete

¤ IME Ingatlanosok Magyarországi Érdekképviseleti Egyesülete

¤ IKE Ingatlan Kezelési Egyesülés (Székesfehérvár)

¤ LABE Lakás Építõk és Lakásbérlõk Országos Egyesülete

¤ LÉTÉSZ Lakásszövetkezetek és Társasházak Érdekképviseleti Szakmai Szövetsége

¤ MIGSZ Magyar Ingatlan- és Létesítmény-gazdálkodók Szövetsége

¤ MIKSZ Miskolci Ingatlanközvetítõk Szövetsége

¤ MIOSZ Magyar Ingatlanközvetítõk Országos Szövetsége

¤ TKKE Társasházi Közös Képviselõk Egyesülete

¤ TTOE Társasházak és Társasházkezelõk Országos Egyesülete

The Association Work

The principal areas of policy are:

¤ Networking

¤ International relations

¤ Lobbying

¤ Education and Training

¤ EU Affairs