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The Association represents shopping centers, commercial galleries, hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail parks and factory outlets.

About the Association

Founded in 1984, the Portuguese Council of Shopping Centres APCC, is a national scope and not-for-profit association.

The Associated Shopping Centres cover more than nine thousand tenants, retailers, representing 100.000 direct jobs, and more than 200.000 indirect and inducted jobs. Retail in shopping centres is a key pillar in Europe's retail market. Nearly ¼ of all retail sales in Europe are estimated to take place in shopping centres and these centres also make a vital contribution to retail employment, directly employing over 4 million workers across Europe. Shopping centres are also a vital platform for retailer growth, especially in new markets as well as providing positive economic benefits to the community and society such as tax revenues, employment, regeneration, and key infrastructure.

APCC is full member of the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) and full member of the European Property Federation (EPF). APCC is also founding member of the Portuguese Confederation of Services (CSP).

What the Association Does

The objectives of the Portuguese Council of Shopping Centres are the protection of the legitimate interests and rights of the owners, promoters and managers of commercial developments designated as Shopping Centres, as well as enhancing their standing, the legal and strict definition of this type of integrated commercial complex, and to mediate with Public Administration entities in the preparation of legislation.


Currently has 55 members representing a total of 69 Shopping Centres, 23 Commercial Galleries based on Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, 16 Retail Parks and Factory Outlets, with a Gross Leasable Area - GLA of 2.817.628 sq.m.

The Association Work

Main Areas of Operation

1) Information

• The association issues every two months a newsletter, circulated to all its members, with information on the activities of APCC. and national and international news relevant to the sector.

• It publishes every other month a magazine entitled "SHOPPING - CENTROS COMERCIAIS EM REVISTA", circulated to numerous public sector entities, national and foreign, besides its members and the respective shop owners.

• Since 1996, it publishes a Directory of the sector containing the characteristics and information of all Shopping Centres registered with APCC.

• On-line information about the Association and the sector of Shopping Centres (

2) Training

• Organises conferences and seminars on subjects relating to commerce in general and to the industry of shopping centres in particular, for the training of professionals of the sector.

• Arranges technical visits to shopping centres, which, due to their characteristics are of a special interest to its members.

• Advanced Programme in Retail Space and Shopping Centres Management (PAGECC), in partnership with Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

3) Relationship with institutions

• APCC is permanently in contact with the Government to protect the interests of the sector, co-operating in the preparation of specific legislation, participating in meetings and presenting documentation on the position of the Association in respect of specific matters, which may affect the shopping centre industry. Currently there are several issues under discussion, such as:

- Access to the interruptible system - Electric Power;

- Parking in shopping centers;

- Schedule of Commerce and Big Business Units;

- Licensing of shopping;

- Promotion of Cogeneration;

- Distribution Networks for Energy and Gas - Closed Networks;

- Legal Relationship in shopping centers;

- Energy Performance of Buildings;

- Review of Scheme of Urban Construction;

4) Investigation

• APCC makes specific studies of the sector through Technical Committees operating in the Marketing and Management, Architecture and Urbanism, and Legal areas.

• It maintains a permanently updated database with information on the Shopping Centres members of the Association.

5) Public Relations

• The Association provides the press and Government institutions with up to date information on shopping centres and on their business ventures, to promote the image of the sector.