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The Association of leading commercial real estate businesses in Norway.

About the Association

The Norwegian Property Federation (NPF) members are large and small real estate companies.

NPF was founded in 1999 by former members of the National Federation of Home Owners.

NPF is Associatied to the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

NPF organizes real estate companies, property developers and property managers that have formally applied for membership and agreed to the bylaws of NPF.

NPF has 140 members who collectively own and manage approximately 30% of privately held commercial real estate in Norway.

NPF is governed by a board of 6 directors elected by and among the members at the general assembly. The general assembly also decides the bylaws of NPF. The general assembly is normally gathered once a year. The board meets when neccessary, usually 5-6 times a year. The board appoints the managing director who runs NPF on a day to day basis along with his staff.

What the Association Does

The purpose of NPF is:

• to promote the work for more environmentally friendly buildings and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

• to protect private property rights

• to ensure that tenants have the freedom to choose in an open property market, where real estate companies compete on equal terms

• to improve conditions for commercial activity that reward long-term property management

• to emphasize the importance of responsible and efficient property management that gives a fair return

• to work to ensure that property development and management is an efficient and respected industry in society

• to offer services to member companies in important areas such as lease negotiations, meeting places, environment and more.

Activities include:


NPF's main task is to create favorable and predictable conditions for its members. Lobbying is mainly on a national level, by frequent meetings with government officials, Ministers and members of the Parliament.

Industry Empowerment

NPF promotes an industry that seeks to be visible, knowledge-based and legitimate. To facilitate this, we provide information, guidance and education to our members. Furthermore, we develop various aids like standard lease contracts.


NPF issue a monthly newsmail to keep members updated on the real estate sector.


NPF has 140 members who collectively own and manage approximately 30% of privately held commercial real estate in Norway.

The members consist of the following groups:

  • Real Estate Counselors (brokers, lawyers, etc.)
  • Property Managers (Facility Management)
  • Property Developers (contractors and others who develop property for sale)
  • Real Estate Companies (owner, operator and developer owned portfolios)

Among our members you will also find the seven leading pension funds which are important players in the industry, three state-owned real estate companies and two municipal-owned real estate companies. All members operate on a commercial basis in a competitive market.

The Association Work

• NPF provide access to a valuable network of the country's leading property developers.

• NPF organize membership meetings and study tours.

• NPF participate in standardization work to make sure that "Norsk Standard" looks after the interests of our members.

• NPF are one of the main partners developing and maintaining the Norwegian standard leases. These can be downloaded from the members-only web page.

• NPF provide members with guidance on specific issues - inquiries made by phone or email.

• NPF have a contract with the law firm Føyen that assists members. Further information can be found on the members-only web page.