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About the Association

The Swedish Property Federation is a highly pro-active trade organization promoting an efficient real estate market in Sweden. We are the largest and most authoritative property owners' organization in Sweden. This means we can both assist individual members and influence public bodies to promote private property ownership.

The regional property associations are affiliated with the Swedish Property Federation (founded in 1914) which internationally is a member of the European Property Federation (EPF).The objective of the Federation is to make management of property in private ownership a more efficient and generally better respected line of business that offers improving service to tenants.

The supreme policy making organ of the Federation is the Congress (every fifth year), representing the 4 regional property associations. The General Assembly makes decisions yearly about the budget of the Federation and chooses the members of the Board. As support for the Board, there is a national executive group, consisting of the Chairmen of the Federation and the Associations.

What the Association Does

Membership of a property association gives access to a number of services. The association can, for example, take care of total management of properties. It can provide help in rent negotiations and in discussions or disputes with tenants and authorities. It provides advice on technical, economic, fiscal and legal matters. It can offer favorable terms in connection with the purchase of oil, white goods, insurance, etc. And by means of information sheets and training it ensures that its members are kept informed of changes in the field of rents and property.


Almost 17,000 property owners are members, organized in one of Sweden's 4 regional property associations. Our members represent the entire spectrum of the property industry, owning or managing premises and rental apartment buildings, industrial properties and tenant-owners' associations.

The Association Work

The Federation represents the private property owners' interests by means of contact with politicians and the mass media, courses and conferences and also by giving advice on economic, legal and technical issues. One of the main tasks for the Federation is to educate and improve the members so that they are well prepared for their business. The Federation also initiates and supports research and development activities within the property field. The Federation publishes a number of research reports, books and forms within our publishing firm. Every fourth week we also publish Fastighetstidningen ("Swedish Property Magazine").