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Maastricht University (UM) is the most international university in the Netherlands.

About the Institution

Maastricht University (UM), known in the sixties as the State University of Limburg, officially opened its doors on 9 January 1976.

The University of Maastricht is the youngest university in the Netherlands and is growing rapidly, with 16,000 students and 4.000 staff. UM is known at home and abroad for its innovative education system, advanced research and international orientation.

Real Estate Education

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Maastricht University is a high-level European school in the fields of Economics and International Business Administration. It provides high-quality education to students, conducts excellent research, and offers an international perspective in both education and research.

Small-scale teaching methods supported by an electronic learning environment, a portfolio of international study programmes, and strong incentives for top-quality research are the main instruments in the fulfillment of this mission.

Emphasis on educational innovation is driving the learning philosophy. All degree programmes are based on problem-based learning, with a strong emphasis on the development of problem-solving skills, group-work skills, and self-directed learning skills. The emphasis on skills development prepares students optimally for the needs of the European knowledge society.

Permanent Representative to EPF

Prof.dr. Piet Eichholtz, Professor of Finance and Real Estate and chair of the Finance Department.


Prof.dr Piet Eichholtz and Drs Nils Kok published in 2007 a research report for the European Landowners' Organization, the European Property Federation, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, The European Group of Valuers' Associations, and the Urban Land Institute Europe called 'The EU REIT and the Internal Market for Real Estate'